SEO Audit report + plan

Premium handwritten SEO report and action plan for top search engine rankings.

What to expect?

We will check onsite and offsite search to determine if you are at risk of getting hit by Google algorithm updates. We will also inform you how to optimize your site, content and strategy to avoid penalties & get the best ranking results. Lastly we will provide you with a detailed competitor analysis and give you a long term action plan that will help rank your site and boost your site traffic.

We work together with a proven contractor with 8+ years of SEO experience, that helped more than 5000 sites to improve their website traffic – 100% focused on delivering quality and excellent results.

You will receive:

Complete Site Audit
Competitor Analysis
Report errors & how to fix them
Google penalty report
SEO Action plan


If content is king, keyword research is queen. Reaching your target audience by organic search is only manageable when you find have a complete SEO audit and can elaborate on that.
Premium and handwritten SEO report for top search engine rankings  including Site Audit, competitor analysis, error report and SEO action plan.
We won't keep you waiting! Receive a detailed report including a professional SEO audit report after we have completed the job.

Go Pro

Premium and handwritten SEO report for top search engine rankings. As part of our Pro package, we will include one week of on-site SEO, implementing changes & fixes necessary to help you rank even higher.

Ready to order?

If you have questions that are not stated in our FAQ, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to answer within 24hours.


What are the requirements after placing an order?

To get started we will need your website url and at least one keyword that you want to rank for. You can also provide more than one.

What type of websites do you accept and work with?

We can provide a SEO plan and work on any type of sites including, but not limited to the following: shopify, bigcommerce, Wix, Wordpress, joomla, Dupral, squarespace, Etsy, Weebly, HTML sites, custom real estate platforms, e-commerce sites & many more.

Can you guarantee a first page ranking on Google?

No serious SEO can guarantee a site will be on a specific page. A site with a penalty will not rank. A well optimized site with good onsite & offsite SEO & no issues will be able to compete with sites on the first page. This is what this gig will help achieve & help you rank 1st in the long term.

Can you provide an SEO action plan on Non-English sites?

We can work on and do reports + keyword research for sites in almost any language. In case we would see a blocker, we would let you know.

Do you just provide a site audit and SEO action plan or can you also implement this?

We implement changes on up to ten pages with the pro pack. For additional requests send us a request prior to your order.

What is included in the report and how can I take action on this?

The report is set out so that it is as clear as concise as possible. If there is anything that is not clear or you have questions related to what is in the seo action plan we will provide you with free help.