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Pinterest Management

We will professionally manage and optimize your Pinterest account for 30days

What to expect?

We will professionally manage and optimize your Pinterest account! From our professional experience using Tailwind app with your Pinterest business profile is the best winning combination. We will optimize both - your Pinterest and Tailwind account and significantly increase your traffic. Why should you care about Pinterest? Well it's the most effective social media platform that leads traffic to your website by helping users explore and discover new content.

We work together with a proven Pinterest Manager contractor – 100% focused on delivering quality and excellent results.

You will receive:

Full-Time Engagement
Page/Channel Evaluation
Scheduling Posts
Pinterest Business optimization
Tailwind app optimization
Creation of new boards


If you currently do not have a Tailwind account yet, we will help you to get a FREE trial and set it up properly and optimize it for you.
360° Pinterest and Tailwind management and optimization so you don't have to worry about your digital marketing.
Increase relevant traffic to your website. Whether you offer a service or run a shop and want to market & sell more of your products. We cover all of that.

Why Tailwind & Pinterest?

Before starting you will need to be signed up for Tailwind. Why? Because the most successful profiles or business pages who pull in tons of FREE traffic all use Tailwind scheduling for their profile or business page. If you are not using Tailwind, you are leaving money on the table. And if your Tailwind is not set up right or optimized for best performance, you are leaving money on the table too.
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Ready to order?

If you have questions that are not stated in our FAQ, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to answer within 24hours.


What are the requirements after placing an order?

You will receive a confirmation email with instructions. We will need your credentials, your business URL and any additional information you wish to provide. We also need to know whether you have a Tailwind account already or if we can help to set one up for you.

How do I know what service I will need? 

The main difference between each service is the amount of dedicated time to manage and optimize your Pinterest and Tailwind app, this has ultimately a direct impact on the amount of pins we will be able to pin and schedule as well as the traffic it will drive to your website.

Do I need a Tailwind account prior to signing up for your service?

No you don't need to have one yet. But in this case we will help you to get a FREE trial and set it up properly and optimize it for you. After the trial period you will obviously have to sign up fully to use Tailwind services. But trust is, it will pay off as this is the most effective tool to boost your Pinterest account.

We are looking for a longterm Pinterest marketing support, is that something you provide?

Yes, absolutely, we do! We are happy to help and manage your account for as long as you want or need us to.