SEO Keyword research

The first & most important step for SEO. Professional keyword research, competitor and backlinks analysis.

What to expect?

Do you want to rank on the first page on Google? Start with the right SEO Backlinks & Keyword Research! We will research your competitors – providing deep analysis, keyword research & unveil all SEO backlinks that make them outrank you!

We work together with a proven contractor with 8+ years of SEO experience, that helped more than 5000 sites to improve their website traffic – 100% focused on delivering quality and excellent results.

You will receive:

Long Tail Keywords
Buyer Intent Keywords
Low competitive Keywords
Competition outranking Backlinks
Competition Analysis
Professional SEO Audit Report


If content is king, keyword research is queen. Reaching your target audience by organic search is only manageable when you find the right key words!
Trace ranking history of any website on a keyword. Learn how far back their ad content history reaches. Discover algorithm changes or site optimization updates that caused their rise or fall.
We won't keep you waiting! Receive a detailed report including a professional SEO audit report within 48 hours hours after you placed your order!

SEO Insights

Find backlinks that already help other sites rank. Avoid your competitors flaws exposed by Google updates. See what types of pages link to your competitors and catch changes in rankings and content over time. Uncover the exact backlinks that lets them outrank you so you can change that.

Ready to order?

If you have questions that are not stated in our FAQ, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to answer within 24hours.


What are the requirements after placing an order?

You will receive a confirmation email with instructions. We will need a "seed" keyword from your niche, a description of what you are targeting, your business URL and any additional information you wish to provide. We also need to know your targeted country. Example: Seed keyword: "Branding" / Targeted country: "USA"

What will we get from you & how many keywords will you provide ?

The number of keywords will depend on your seed keyword or focus topic. The number of keywords can vary, but in general, you will receive 100+ Keywords.

What information will the report contain?

Please contact us upfront.

Do you provide search results for different countries?

Yes. Each competitor analysis comes with ONE country search results of your choosing. (Example: USA Google Search Results) Message us if you would like more than 1 country.